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Analysts at Russian Standard Bank came to this conclusion after studying data for the first quarter of this year. In Moscow, the average payment for traffic violations is the highest – 909 rubles. Even at the end of last year, it was higher than the national average and amounted to 740 rubles. At the same time, 70 percent of fines in the capital are 250 rubles: these are minimum fines of 500 rubles, paid within 20 days with a 50 percent discount.

For analysis, banking analysts took data from 12 Russian cities that are leaders in the number of fines paid. The second largest average payment after Moscow was Nizhny Novgorod (816 rubles), the third was Saratov (650 rubles).

St. Petersburg was just one ruble behind (649 rubles). It is followed by Rostov-on-Don (645 rubles), Volgograd (626 rubles), Novosibirsk (537 rubles), Krasnoyarsk (521 rubles) and Voronezh (478 rubles).

In Ulyanovsk, Kazan and Kostroma, the average fine does not exceed 400 rubles.

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At the same time, Kazan leads in the number of minimum payments in the amount of 250 rubles: from January to March their share was 83.8 percent. In Ulyanovsk it is 65.4 percent, in Volgograd – 64.7 percent.

In March, Russians were offered one more day to appeal the fines. Yaroslav Nilov from the LDPR proposed filing complaints against decisions on administrative offenses within 10 days, not 24 hours. He noted that the wording could help if the last day falls on a holiday

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