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Experts from the “Behind the Wheel” portal reminded car owners of the need for regular battery maintenance. They also talked about how their prices change and what not to do so as not to damage the car.

Do not light a car with the donor engine running. This can lead not only to failure of the electronics, but also to other unpleasant consequences. This can only be done on cars manufactured in the last century.

After winter it is worth checking the condition of the battery. To do this, measure its charge with the engine running and off. The readings should be in the range of 14.0-14.4 and 12.5-12.6 volts, respectively. If they are smaller, you should try charging the battery and then take the measurements again. If the results continue to be poor, you will have to plan to purchase a new battery.

According to experts, batteries are becoming more expensive due to rising lead prices. But you can purchase them with seasonal discounts in the spring.

Previously it was reported what needs to be done with the car after winter. The expert reported which fluid drivers forget to change, despite the requirements of the regulations.

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