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Last year, Ford called itself “America’s automaker,” so the half-year results of its premium brand are curious in their own way. The bestseller was a “Chinese” one: the Nautilus crossover, imported to the United States from a Chinese plant in Hangzhou! Over the six months, 17.5 thousand cars were sold, and the share of Nautilus in the total sales of Lincoln is 36 percent.

American authorities call Chinese cars a threat to national security and impose prohibitive duties on electric vehicles from China, but the largest automakers – Ford and General Motors – do not hesitate to import their Chinese-made models to the United States.

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The updated Lincoln Nautilus with a revolutionary interior took the first place in the list of the brand’s American bestsellers by a wide margin. Compared to the first half of 2023, the number of crossovers sold increased by 42%. The most “American” Lincoln – the full-size Navigator – on the contrary, lost 26% of customers.

It is interesting that 44% of Americans preferred to take the hybrid Lincoln Nautilus with an electromechanical CVT. Probably, in the US they are gradually getting used to saving gasoline, because the hybrid is not so gluttonous: consumption in the combined cycle is 7.84 liters per 100 km versus 9.8 liters per 100 km for the regular version.

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