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This is the only such case so far, writes the Chinese portal According to journalists, the owner of Xiaomi SU7 encountered a malfunction of the brake system in the parking lot – the car stopped braking. She was taken by tow truck to the dealership, where it turned out that the cause of the incident was a software glitch. The company itself commented on the incident, calling it an “extremely low probability event” that was eliminated.

The owner, faced with a failed brake system, was offered compensation for all costs incurred if he abandoned his problematic SU7 and decided to exchange it for a new car. In particular, evacuation will be paid, the purchase price will be returned and the waiting period will be paid. Despite the fact that this incident seems to be settled, the number of complaints received about the Xiaomi SU7 since the start of sales may make some people think about the advisability of purchasing this model. It is known that the Chinese are already canceling pre-orders en masse – every second customer refuses to purchase a car.

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A week earlier, another SU7 broke down almost immediately after purchase – the new owner managed to drive only 40 kilometers from the dealership. The car simply locked up while driving due to a faulty power electronics and stopped. Xiaomi employees who arrived at the scene were unable to determine the cause of the incident and sent the electric car back to the factory.

In the production of Xiaomi electric vehicles at the plant in Beijing, practically no people are involved, only at the welding and painting stages, but only robots are responsible for the body. At the first stage, the plant’s capacity will be up to 150 thousand cars per year, and in the future it will reach 300 thousand thanks to the high degree of automation of assembly processes.

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