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Representatives of the department have identified a number of difficulties that Russians encounter when operating and servicing cars from the Middle Kingdom. The main problem, according to experts, is the acute shortage of spare parts at dealerships. The shortage of components leads to an increase in vehicle repair times and provokes dissatisfaction among car owners.

The absence of a number of components is also observed in many car services, whose specialists cannot begin repairing cars on time. The reason is the unavailability of spare parts catalogs for specific models in Russian. As a result, in the event of breakdowns, car owners are faced with long vehicle downtime, as well as additional costs.

The worst situation is for owners of Chinese cars imported to Russia through parallel imports. At the same time, companies officially represented in our country also have problems with the logistics of components. Market players hope that in the near future Chinese manufacturers and Russian dealers will create centralized warehouses for spare parts, establish supply chains, and also translate technical documentation into Russian.

At the beginning of March, queues of Chinese cars formed at Russian car service centers. Then experts complained about the low quality of cars from the Middle Kingdom.

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