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The 2024 Haval Jolion crossover has gone on sale, some versions of which have become 100 thousand rubles more expensive for Russians, as follows from the manufacturer’s price lists. At the same time, in fact, prices remained at last year’s level, but the “Direct benefits” changed: if earlier buyers could save 200 thousand rubles, now only 100 thousand.

Since the end of January, Haval Jolion has risen in price in several versions: in the Elite configuration with automatic and all-wheel drive, Elite Plus with automatic and front-wheel drive, as well as in the top Premium version with both single-wheel drive and AWD. In all cases, the final price increased by 100 thousand rubles.

Now the “Direct benefit” when purchasing a Haval Jolion, regardless of performance, is 100 thousand rubles.

The cost of the crossover, despite the transition to the new year 2024, remains the same. The starting price has not changed even taking into account the discount: it amounts to 1,849,000 rubles for a crossover in the Comfort version with a 143-horsepower engine, manual transmission and front-wheel drive. In the “top” Premium with a 150 horsepower engine, automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, the all-terrain vehicle costs 2,499,000 rubles.

Together with the Jolion, two more popular Haval crossovers – the F7 and its coupe version F7x – have risen in price. For cars produced in 2024 they ask for 50-200 thousand rubles more.

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