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The Chinese brand GAC can officially introduce models of the Aion sub-brand to the Russian car market. The company has registered trademarks for the entire Aion line, as reported by the Autopotok Telegram channel. GAK itself has already begun to expand the production line of cars presented in Russia. A minivan called the M8 has gone on sale, followed by the GS3 and Emkoo crossovers, which feature a futuristic design.

Currently, the sub-brand models are not officially presented in Russia, but they were imported through parallel imports. In particular, the GAC Aion S with dimensions of 4.76/1.88/1.54 meters with a wheelbase of 2.75 meters was imported “in gray”. In one of the car dealerships, the price tag for a car is 3.5 million rubles. With the registration of trademarks in the country, models such as S, ES, Y Plus, LX, as well as the V car can officially appear in the country (photo: GAC).

Meanwhile, it is reported that more than 40% of the Russian vehicle fleet of legal entities is occupied by Russian and Chinese cars. At the same time, a third are cars of domestic brands.

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