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The model appeared on the Russian market at the end of autumn last year – it is a hatchback with a retro design, which in China is sold as Good Cat, and in Europe it is known as Funky Cat. At the time it went on sale, 03 cost 3,899,000 rubles – slightly cheaper than the electric Moskvich 3e. drew attention to the fact that after six months of presence in Russia, the price of the model dropped to 3,499,000 rubles. For comparison: Moskvich 3e now costs 3,950,000 rubles without discounts.

The Ora 03, comparable in size to the outgoing Lada XRay, is based on the LEMON platform, the same one that underlies the popular Haval Jolion and Dargo crossovers in Russia. The hatchback has an unusual exterior design with round headlight units that give it a “toy” look. The salon is designed for five and is decorated in the same retro style, but with modern features. For example, a single cluster is installed on the front panel, combining a seven-inch diagonal digital instrument panel and a 10.25-inch touchscreen of the multimedia system.

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The Ora 03 is driven by a 171-horsepower electric motor, which provides the hatchback with acceleration from zero to “hundreds” in 7.6 seconds and a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour. On one charge of a battery with a capacity of 63.1 kilowatt-hours, the electric car travels up to 500 kilometers, and it can be charged from 30 to 80 percent in half an hour.

The Ora brand has existed in China since 2018, in 2022 it appeared in Europe, and in 2023 it was launched in Russia. The name of the brand refers to the name of the famous scientist Leonhard Euler, a mathematician and mechanic who made a fundamental contribution to the development of these sciences (his last name in Chinese sounds like Oula). The logo is an exclamation point: it symbolizes “Great Wall Motor’s commitment to creating products that delight.”

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