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Russian car enthusiasts had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Denza N7 2024, an electric crossover from a Chinese premium brand created with the participation of Mercedes-Benz. A batch of these cutting-edge machines with an impressive 530 hp power plant. has already arrived at domestic dealers.

Despite the fact that Denza’s former partner, the Mercedes-Benz concern, reduced its share in this joint venture, the N7 retained the developments of German engineers. Built on the e-platform 3.0 electric platform with air suspension and all-wheel drive systems, this cross-coupe has a range of up to 630 km. Its exterior features a bold design with lidars instead of foglights, hidden door handles and LED optics. The cabin has a full range of modern digital driver assistance systems.

Lots of Denza N7 are offered by Russian dealers at a price of about 7.2 million rubles with the possibility of discounts for lending or trade-in. Despite its premium status, this electric car is significantly more affordable than analogues from the world’s leading brands. Thanks to innovative developments and an attractive price tag, the N7 can compete with other “electric trains” in Russia. (photo: Denza)

Meanwhile, it previously became known that the Geely Monjaro crossover has risen in price in Russia by 195,000 rubles over the year. We told you what the new prices for this car are now in a separate article.

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