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The Californian company Gildred Racing has modified the Mini Mk3, equipping it with a modern power unit.

The body is finished in matte black paint with gloss black racing stripes. LED front optics are installed, and deep Classic wheels measuring 13 × 6 inches are also painted black.

Under the hood, the company replaced the factory A-series inline-four engine and transmission with a 1.6-liter Honda D16Y8 inline-four engine with a five-speed manual transmission. The engine develops power of 150–160 hp. (111–119 kW) and weighs 9 kg less than the original engine.

As a result, the Mini weighs 725 kg and is equipped with spring suspension. Inside, Gildred Racing installed a power sunroof from a modern Mini, custom black interior, Cobra seats, a Momo steering wheel, and a Dakota Digital VHX dash.

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