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How to make a classic Range Rover even more British? For example, you can replace the Rover V8 engine with something more special, such as an Aston Martin V12. This is exactly what happened in this case, and although the visual tuning looks rather tacky, the project looks very interesting.

This creation was built by Peterborough-based Range Rover Bishops 4×4, a company with a history of working with Range Rover. It took the company two and a half years to create this piece, and it’s easy to see why.

Under the hood now beats the heart of an Aston Martin DB7 V12. Why this engine? Not only is it an inexpensive V12, but it also delivers decent output. We’re talking about 5.9 liters of displacement and 420 horsepower. But getting it into the engine compartment of a classic Range Rover required a lot of work.

It’s worth noting that the original Range Rover was a body-on-frame design, meaning the engine bay could be modified without affecting the frame itself. The engine is mated to a four-speed automatic transmission.

The chassis has been upgraded with six-piston AP Racing calipers, and the wheels are shod with 285/65R18 Toyo Proxes tires. The digital instrument panel allows the driver to switch between a virtual instrument cluster in the style of a Range Rover or Aston Martin.

Aside from the digital instrument cluster and Aston Martin’s crystal start button, the Range Rover’s interior looks quite authentic, with updated trim in fine brown leather, matching carpets and a wood-grain dash.

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