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State Duma deputy Yaroslav Nilov reported on the new initiative. According to the official, a bill has already been submitted to the lower house of parliament, according to which the prices for the evacuation of vehicles will depend on the income level of the population.

Currently, the cost of vehicle evacuation is specified in the Administrative Code. However, the document does not mention the prices that owners spend on security measures when confiscating cars. The new bill provides for the introduction of a single tariff for moving a vehicle to an impound lot, which should not exceed 20 percent of the cost of living in a given region.

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In addition to the single tariff, the bill proposes exemption from payment for the evacuation of vehicles of law enforcement officers and rescue workers if they were on duty.

Meanwhile, it became known that capital city drivers began parking their cars on sidewalks less often. The number of such violations decreased by a third.

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