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As found out, Russians already have the opportunity to order a European new product, which is not even in production yet. One of the dealers opened orders for the electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class – he estimated the battery-powered SUV at 34 million rubles. The model will begin to be produced in Europe in September-October, and Russians, as the seller assures, will receive pre-ordered cars in November.

The production electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class debuted less than a month ago. Externally, the new product differs from the usual fuel G-Class in only a few details, but the main thing is inside: it is driven by four electric motors, one for each wheel. The total output reaches 587 horsepower and 1164 Nm of smoking torque. The electric SUV accelerates from zero to “hundreds” in an impressive 4.7 seconds for its weight, which is almost half a second faster than the G-Class AMG with an internal combustion engine.

Four engines and 1164 Nm of torque: the electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class presented Mercedes-Benz explained why an electric G-Class is needed In Russia they made a Maybach convertible, which Mercedes did not dare to build

This G-Class has a battery capacity of 116 kilowatt-hours, one charge of which is enough for 432 kilometers on the WLTP cycle. Express charging from 10 to 80 percent takes just over half an hour.

The off-road capabilities of the electric SUV are superior in some respects to those of the fuel-powered variant. For example, he can overcome a 100 percent incline (45 degrees), make a tank turn and maintain stability on side slopes of up to 35 degrees. The approach angle is 32 degrees, the departure angle is 30.7 degrees, the ground clearance is 248 millimeters, and the fording depth is as much as 850 millimeters.

In Europe, prices have already been announced: they start from 142,622 euros (14.3 million rubles), and the special version for Edition One will cost Europeans 192,524 euros (19.3 million). Of course, the electric G-Class will not be officially delivered to Russia – only parallel import is possible.

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