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Winter in Russia presents a unique set of challenges for car owners, especially for those who have Chinese-made cars. The director of a car service center, in an interview with the portal, listed the TOP 7 most common malfunctions of cars from China that occur in cold weather.

Topping the list of complaints is the issue of battery drain. You may find it difficult to start your engine in cold weather – a common problem made worse by low temperatures. Visibility in winter is paramount to safe driving, making windshield wiper failures an especially frustrating problem. Quality has also become a major area of ​​dissatisfaction, with paintwork defects.

Critical components such as brakes and transmissions are not immune to winter hazards. In winter, the car experiences excessive loads when driving through snowdrifts, which has a detrimental effect on these elements. In addition, reagents used to treat roads cannot be ruled out. Because of them, problems with the body often arise. A failure of the multimedia screen or dashboard may also be recorded, and this, in turn, affects the level of safety.

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