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The rating was compiled by Maxim Solodovnik, director of used cars at the Fresh marketplace. According to the specialist, despite the fact that by the end of last year the average cost of five-year-old cars was about a million rubles, on the Russian market you can find models that do not require additional investments and will cost half as much.

The expert believes that the first thing you need to pay attention to when buying a used car is the operating history. Age and mileage fade into the background. If the service book contains notes about visiting all scheduled maintenance, it is worth taking a closer look at this car. At the same time, the specialist emphasizes that within half a million rubles, the age of the vehicles will be significantly more than five years.

For 500,000 rubles, Solodovnik advises paying attention to Renault Logan and Sandero, as well as Ford Focus II, Nissan Almera Classic and Lada Granta. French cars are famous for the reliability and durability of naturally aspirated gasoline engines. Nissan Almera has a simple rear suspension design that requires virtually no repairs. The second generation Focus, thanks to its multi-link rear suspension, is considered an aftermarket legend. As for the Granta, the model as a whole is unpretentious in maintenance.

Renault Sandero
Renault Ford Focus II
Ford Nissan Almera Classic
Nissan Lada Granta

Today, a 2009 Renault Logan with a manual transmission can be bought in Russia for 500,000 rubles. A Ford Focus of about the same age with a similar transmission will cost 467,000 rubles. A 20-year-old Nissan Almera with an automatic transmission can be found on the secondary market for 383,000 rubles.

Last week, experts named the best family crossovers for one and a half million rubles. The list included models from four different manufacturers.

Long-lived cars

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