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The minimum cost of new cars of the revived Volga brand will be approximately 2.5 million rubles. Automotive expert Maxim Kadakov estimated the C40 sedan at this price. The specialist expects that Russian residents will be able to buy the K30 crossover for 2.5-3 million rubles, depending on the configuration. Well, the flagship model K40 will be sold for 3-3.5 million rubles.

Kadakov believes that the cost of the Volga sedan will be comparable to the price of the Lada Aura. At the same time, in the basic version, the new Volga can cost less than 2.5 million rubles. At the same time, the models of the revived brand are more technologically advanced, as well as safer and more powerful.

It has become known how much the revival of the Volga will cost. The revived Volga will have a signature deer on the hood. The timing of the debut of the first revived Volga has become known.

Unlike the premium Lada, Volga sedans will not be targeted at purchases by government agencies. Buyers of the company’s cars will be individuals, as well as private companies. As for comparison with Chinese cars, Kadakov said that the Volga C40 is similar to the Changan Raeton Plus. The K30 and K40 crossovers resemble the Oshan X5 Plus and Changan UNI-Z.

The day before, three cars of the revived Volga brand were presented in Russia. They plan to start production of the cars in Nizhny Novgorod by the end of the year.

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