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The head of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy, Andrei Kutepov, proposed introducing an annual step-by-step indexation of the recycling fee for cars with an engine capacity of one to two liters. In his opinion, by 2029 the rate should increase from the current 300 to a million rubles. Kutepov sent a corresponding letter to Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov, TASS writes.

This year, Kutepov proposes to increase the recycling fee from 300 to 550 thousand rubles, in 2025 – to 660 thousand, in 2026 – to 800 thousand, and so on, to one million in 2029. Thus, the rate will reach “the maximum discounts that foreign manufacturers give today.”

According to Kutepov, foreign companies have launched a “massive price expansion program” in Russia, which allows them to provide “almost unlimited discounts” on cars. This allowed them to occupy more than half of the market, squeezing out Russian manufacturers.

AvtoVAZ spoke about a “frightening” drop in revenue due to the Chinese. In Russia, the recycling fee for dump trucks will be increased by 1.4-2.5 times. AvtoVAZ is testing Chery, which will be assembled in Russia: photo

An annual increase in recycling collection will make it possible to load Russian factories, including those abandoned by Western investors. The measure will not affect the prices of domestic cars, since localized production is supported by the state. In addition, revenues to the state budget will increase.

Salvage fee is a one-time payment collected for each car imported or manufactured in Russia. AvtoVAZ has repeatedly proposed increasing the fee, and in April the same amounts were announced – 550 thousand in 2024 and a million in five years. This, according to the auto giant, will motivate the “Chinese” to invest in localizing production in the Russian Federation.

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