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Photos of the new item taken at the detailing center were posted on social networks. Without a bumper and decorative plastic overlays, the level of performance of the Ferrari Purosangue is amazing: all the hinged panels in the nose are assembled on a flimsy tubular frame, the suspension mounts are held on by two bolts. The attachment points are welded sloppily, the wiring is protected with ordinary electrical tape, but not completely.

When taken apart, a Ferrari Purosangue is very different from a Lamborghini Urus or an Aston Martin DBX707. The new product from Maranello is assembled by hand, but in this case this is not synonymous with quality. However, a lightweight tubular frame for the hinged panels is a traditional Ferrari solution. The same design was on the GTC4Lusso station wagon and its predecessors – supercars from the 2000s, 1990s and 1980s.

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Italian engineering does not prevent Ferrari from breaking sales records: demand for the same Purosangue exceeds supply, and in Russia prices for a supercrossover in Russia exceed 100 million rubles! The technology is unique for the segment: under the hood is an naturally aspirated V12 with record volume (6.5 liters) and power (725 horsepower), and an unusually designed gearbox and air suspension.

Several Ferrari Purosangue crossovers have already been imported into Russia: at least four cars crossed the border despite the sanctions. The first SUV from Maranello will be produced in limited edition, although Ferrari does not disclose exact numbers. It can be estimated that the annual circulation of Purosangue will not exceed 2,500 copies.

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