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The compact Fiat 500 hatchback has been on the assembly line for almost two decades, but it does not lose its relevance. The Italian automaker regularly releases special modifications of both the basic hatchback with an internal combustion engine and the new Fiat 500e electric car. It was the latter that acquired a couple of special versions – Inspired By Beauty and Inspired By Music for the US market. And from a technical point of view, the cars remained standard.

The Inspired By Beauty version features a unique body shade that matches the color of rose gold. The car received rear-view mirror housings in body color, as well as a chrome-plated frame for daytime running lights. The interior is trimmed with beige eco-leather. The Inspired By Music version was created in collaboration with Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.

The hatchback is painted in Piano Black and has an exclusive JBL audio system, for which the settings of four virtual music scenes that the musician worked on were created. My Music Room makes it feel like the artist is playing your favorite song right in front of you.

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My Recording Studio gives the impression of working in a professional music studio, Giuseppe Verdi Opera House references the Giuseppe Verdi Theater in Pisa and the Open-air Arena with the feeling of an open music venue. Inspired By Beauty and Inspired By Music will start at $36,000. Both special versions retained the standard 120-horsepower electric motor and a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 42 kilowatt-hours, allowing it to travel up to 320 kilometers without recharging.

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