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The publication Tekniikan Maailma published a note entitled “Lada stole the drawings of Dacia Logan.” According to the Finnish observer, the Iskra sedan was created on the basis of solutions stolen from the Renault concern, and both the French and Romanian brands have nothing to do with the new product. The author chose to forget that the Lada Iskra project began under Renault, and the “third” Logan was planned to be assembled at AvtoVAZ.

The Finnish journalist claims that the differences between the Lada Iskra and the third generation Dacia Logan are minimal, although there is not a single common body part, the engine range is different, and the overall dimensions do not match, for example, the difference in wheelbase is 46 millimeters!

We tell you everything that is known about the new Lada Iskra AvtoVAZ assessed the prospects for the development of the Lada turbo engine AvtoVAZ transferred Lada engines to imported pistons, rings and valves

AvtoVAZ’s press release does not hide the fact that Iskra is based on a modernized CMF-B platform with localized electronics. However, Finnish journalists did not go into details. The publication Ilta Sanomat reminded readers that both Lada and other Russian brands “have a long history of licensed copies and even theft of various Western models.” People in the country of Suomi also remembered about illegal Citroens based on Chinese parts.

Serial production of the Lada Iskra will start in the first quarter of 2025. At first, the new product will occupy a niche between Granta and Vesta, and in the future it may replace the cheapest Tolyatti model. According to AvtoVAZ President Maxim Sokolov, in current realities the starting price will be about one million rubles.

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