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A tuned UAZ Hunter with a Toyota engine was presented in Russia

UAZ Hunter has become a kind of icon of the domestic automobile industry. At the same time, many owners did not stop at the factory spartan characteristics and turned the Hunters into real all-terrain vehicles. One of these projects of rethinking the legendary model deserves special attention.

It all started with an ordinary UAZ-31512 produced in 1993, purchased for field trips. However, during operation, the need for a serious upgrade became obvious due to the modest capabilities of the base model. Thus was born the idea of ​​a total modernization of an SUV to obtain maximum comfort, not inferior to expensive foreign cars.

First of all, under the hood there was a 190-horsepower 3.4-liter Toyota engine, which was supplemented with an automatic transmission and transfer case from the same Japanese manufacturer. In addition to installing a new unit, the owner modernized the chassis, replacing the stock axles with components from Nissan Patrol with improved geometry, and integrated power steering.

The technical update continued with the upgrade of the brake system, now all disc, the installation of a snorkel for wading and a waterproof ignition system. Finally, the body is given a powerful design thanks to the protective Raptor armor coating, flared wheel arches to accommodate 38-inch all-terrain tires and a massive winch on the front end.

The interior was decorated with soundproofing materials, and an updated instrument panel was installed, which was more informative and readable. A high-quality audio system and leather-upholstered seats from Subaru were integrated into the interior for a high level of comfort on any road surface.

The result is a real luxury all-terrain vehicle, worthy of competing with models from well-known premium brands. The project clearly demonstrates that with a competent approach and proper financial investments, even a utilitarian UAZ Hunter can be brought to a high level. (photo:

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