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Forthing is a Chinese brand founded by the auto giant Dongfeng back in 2001. It appeared in Russia quite recently: in the spring of this year, IXEN Motors Rus launched sales of the T5 EVO crossover and the Yacht premium minivan. Sales of the T5 EVO with a hybrid power plant will soon begin, and then the large Forthing M7 minivan will hit the market – the version for Russia has already rolled off the assembly line in China.

The “Russian” Forthing M7 was added with more comfortable chairs with electrical adjustments and an ottoman. In total, the van’s cabin can accommodate seven people, the seating arrangement is 2+2+3. “High-quality materials and pleasant textures” are promised, but what exactly is not specified. On the front panel there is a large touchscreen with the possibility of wireless integration with smartphones; there is separate air conditioning for the second and third rows.

IXEN Motors RusIXEN Motors RusIXEN Motors RusIXEN Motors Rus

The length of the three-row M7 reaches 5170 millimeters. This is 30 millimeters longer than the Mercedes-Benz V-Class and 175 millimeters longer than the new Toyota Alphard. The width and height of the Chinese minivan are 1920 and 1930 millimeters, respectively.

The M7 is powered by a two-liter engine producing 224 horsepower. It is paired with an eight-speed ZF torque converter, which is installed on the Russian version instead of a six-speed automatic.

It is still unknown when sales will begin and how much the new product from Forthing will cost. The price is likely to be rather high: for a more compact MPV Yacht with a 4.9-meter body they are asking from 3,795,000 rubles with discounts.

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