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In 2023, up to 80% of the neighbor’s new car market was made up of products from the Borisov plant. This year, the share of BelGee and Geely assembled in Belarus decreased to 54.8%, but the general director of the company, Gennady Svidersky, told that the statistics are misleading. Sales are growing rapidly, the loss of share is due to the saturation of the market with different models and new brands.

Gennady Svidersky emphasized that it is impossible to call a share of more than 50% of the market a decline. As an example, the general director of BelGee cited Lada sales: last year, dealers sold 90 cars a month, and now more than 500. Previously, this price segment was not filled, so the overall growth of the market is worth rejoicing at.

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BelGee’s goal is to maintain a share of more than 50% in the Belarusian market. This year the plant intends to sell 20 thousand cars domestically. If this plan comes true, then compared to 2023, the sales increase will be 28%! The total number of cars assembled in 12 months should reach 80 thousand units, because the main buyer for BelGee is still Russia.

The plant currently produces Geely Coolray, Tugella, Atlas Pro and Emgrand, as well as BelGee X50 and X70. The BelGee budget sedan with the expected name S50 (renamed Geely Emgrand) is approaching: the start of production is not excluded before the end of the year.

Each of these cars is sold in only one country

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