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Russian President Vladimir Putin exchanged gifts with Chairman of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong-un during his visit to North Korea. The head of a friendly state received an updated Aurus car and tableware, and Putin received several works of art with his image, including busts. These are “also good gifts,” noted Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Yuri Ushakov.

“We donated a car called Aurus. Yes, the second, then not the third, but the second for sure,” said Ushakov. Putin was presented with several options for images, including busts, “all of which were quite artistic.”

Putin himself, judging by the photographs, moves around Pyongyang in a pre-reform Aurus.

The premiere of the updated Senat was timed to coincide with the presidential inauguration in May. The car received both external and technical updates: the design of the front and rear has changed, a new radiator grille, a lighter hood and different rims have appeared, and headlights and lanterns have been improved. The list of “smart” electronics has expanded, the efficiency of the braking system, suspension, fuel supply system, and automatic transmission has increased. The V8 powerplant remains the same.

The developer of Aurus came under UK sanctions. They began producing drinking water under the Aurus brand. Chinese Aurus Komendant: the luxury crossover Hongqi LS7 was presented in Russia

For now, the new Aurus is being assembled piecemeal. The “commodity” version for free sale will appear only in 2025.

The North Korean leader already has an Aurus in his garage. The head of the Russian Federation gave him a limousine at the end of February: then the Korean side called it “the best gift.” And in the spring it was reported that Kim Jong-un constantly uses a car donated by the Russian president.

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