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On his LinkedIn page, Thomas Schaefer published a teaser of the upcoming new product, the date and place of the premiere – May 31 as part of the Nurburgring 24 Hours marathon. The only pixel photograph so far shows a station wagon with the GTI prefix on this legendary German race track. Judging by the photo, the Golf GTI Variant will get a new sports bumper. With a high degree of probability, changes will also affect the stern and interior of the car.

In 2024, the Golf celebrates its 50th anniversary, so, most likely, the updated station wagon will receive the prefix Clubsport 50 or Edition 50. The regular Golf Variant was shown at the beginning of 2024: like the hatchback, its optics have slightly changed (the front one has become narrower, and the rear lights now have a different design), optional illumination of the VW emblem has become available, and the sports variants GTI, GTE and R-Line have massive C-shaped elements on the front end.

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The interior has been transformed and now reminds us of the electric cars of the ID line: they have a touchscreen borrowed without the usual shims, but with primitive buttons for climate settings. On the multifunction steering wheel, instead of touch panels, tactile keys appeared, and ChatGPT was introduced.

As for the power plant, with the update the Volkswagen Golf GTI also became more powerful (output increased from 245 to 265 horsepower), but lost its “mechanics” – the only gearbox for the model is a seven-speed preselective “robot” DSG.

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