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The American company North American Electric Vehicles presented the electric restomod H1, the name of which clearly indicates the original prototype – the canonical army SUV Hummer H1. There is no detailed information about the car, but it seems that the car only visually – albeit quite accurately – resembles its progenitor, since the body is completely new, not to mention the interior and power plant. The brutal restomod received two electric motors.

The model, called the Executive Edition Cyber-Hummer, has an all-aluminum body, as well as 20-inch wheels shod with 37-inch off-road tires. NAEV hasn’t said anything else about the design changes, but the model appears to feature LED headlights, auxiliary lights and a new front bumper.

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The interior is as simple as possible – apart from the Momo steering wheel and the 15.1-inch display, there is nothing special about it. However, the company said the SUV will have some kind of “state-of-the-art audio system” and “vegan leather” trim, plus two rows of seats for six passengers. The model is equipped with two electric motors with a total power of 1015 horsepower, providing all-wheel drive.

North American Electric Vehicles North American Electric Vehicles

The car received a battery from Tesla, which guarantees a power reserve of up to 480 kilometers. The battery supports NACS and CCS charging and features Tesla’s regenerative braking system. Cyber-Hummer has a modern independent suspension, which is fully adjustable, and ground clearance of 381 millimeters, as well as a special off-road powertrain algorithm. Production is scheduled to begin before the end of the summer, and the cost of the car will be $139,900.

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