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Among all the cars presented on the Russian market, taking into account parallel imports, the Japanese SUV, the Subaru Forester, was recognized as the most reliable. This was reported by TASS, based on the results of the study “Ratings of the Car of the Year in Russia.” The title of the most modern car was given to the Chinese Excid RX. The majority of respondents noted the domestic model Lada Largus Cross as the best multi-purpose car.

If we do not take into account the models that are currently supplied to the country under the “gray” scheme, the Lada Niva Legend SUV was called reliable. “Chery Tiggo 7 Pro”, like the same model with the “Max” prefix, was noted in the “Family cars” category. Among used cars, respondents singled out the Lada 4×4, which they called “Autolegend”. The Audi A6 allroad and Chevrolet Camaro also won in this category. The “Best Buy” was the Toyota Corolla, as well as the Toyota RAV4 and Lada Granta (photo: Exeed; Subaru).

Meanwhile, the Hyundai Bayon crossover went on sale in the Russian Federation. It turned out to be cheaper than Chinese SUVs.

Published: March 20, 2024 | Author: Marina Kapisheva

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