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The characteristics of the second Fang Cheng Bao (FCB) model have appeared in the open database of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the People’s Republic of China. BYD has relied on the DMO architecture with hydropneumatic suspension; the hybrid power plant consists of two electric motors and a 2.0-liter gasoline generator. The peak output of the system is 952 horsepower, and the total weight of the SUV is 3905 kilograms!

The FCB Leopard 8 was shown at the Beijing Auto Show, so the looks are no secret. However, the BYD subsidiary did not share any parameters, so the leak of certification documents is the only source of information for now. The length/width/height of the “eight” are 5195/1994/1875 millimeters, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2920 millimeters.

BYD impressed with the geometry of the all-terrain vehicle that will challenge the Gelik. The BYD Shark frame pickup truck was revealed in America before the Chinese premiere. 1200-horsepower BYD Yangwang SUVs appeared in Russia

Although the peak output of the powertrain is outstanding, the Leopard 8 will reach 100 km/h from a standstill in 4.8 seconds. It’s probably all about the very heavy lithium iron phosphate batteries, although the capacity is not named. It is expected that the gasoline 2.0-liter turbo engine (272 horsepower) will connect to the front wheels only during intense acceleration, and in most modes the SUV will develop not 952, but 680 horsepower.

The new product will differ from the “junior” Leopard 5 in its three-row interior for six or seven people. As for the price, Chinese journalists suggest focusing on 500 thousand yuan (70 thousand dollars), that is, FCB Leopard 8 will be one and a half times more expensive than FCB Leopard 5, but twice as expensive as Yangwang U8. Sales are expected to start in the third quarter.

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