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You can determine that the engine requires major repairs by certain signals indicating significant wear or malfunction. They were listed by a mechanic with 15 years of experience in an interview with the portal

Excessive oil consumption above the standards established by the manufacturer indicates possible problems with the engine. Manufacturers’ recommendations vary: some internal combustion engines allow higher oil consumption, while others may have much less. Reduced performance manifests itself in a variety of ways, including: reduced acceleration, noisy powertrain operation, increased vibration levels and difficulty during cold starts.

Before you decide to undergo a major overhaul, you need to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis from a professional mechanic to accurately determine the root cause of engine problems. Even with certain experience and skills, it is difficult to independently identify the malfunction of a particular unit. However, being attentive to the signs that the car gives allows you to eliminate possible unpleasant consequences in the future. The fact is that fixing a minor defect in a motor is much easier than having to do a major overhaul or complete replacement.

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