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This was announced by the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs Yaroslav Nilov. The official reminded that motorists should not use many drugs while driving cars and motorcycles. Otherwise, drivers risk losing their license even for seemingly harmless drugs.

According to Nilov, the list sent by the Ministry of Health turned out to be quite extensive. The list of prohibited drugs includes dozens of different drugs. In particular, Corvalol, Valocordin, Afobazole, as well as aspirin, antigrippin, boric acid and even Otipax ear drops were banned for motorists.

In Russia, the deprivation of drivers’ licenses for driving “under medications” is being massively lifted. Russians may begin to be deprived of their licenses for using medications while driving. The traffic police has allowed drivers to take certain medications.

The deputy recommends that motorists place a printed list of prohibited drugs in the glove compartment. Otherwise, even seemingly harmless medications can lead to the deprivation of your driver’s license.

At the same time, in December last year, the Supreme Court said that the use of drugs will not be a reason for deprivation of rights. Then the judge considered the case of a driver who took Valocordin.

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