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This is how the department responded to earlier information that motorists would not be able to drive after taking many non-prescription drugs. At the same time, representatives of the Ministry of Health stated that the use of certain medications actually reduces the speed of reaction and causes drowsiness.

The list of “prohibited” drugs included 74 over-the-counter drugs. In particular, motorists were threatened with deprivation of their licenses for taking Corvalol, Ketanov, Suprastin, as well as Theraflu and other popular drugs.

In response to the drivers’ concerns, the Ministry of Health stated that this message was untrue. The department reported that the presented list of medicines is not a draft regulatory act, and also does not establish any prohibition or sanctions for its violation.

It became known which medications were banned for drivers The court prohibited depriving Russians of their rights for medications A driver in Russia was deprived of his rights for a substance that is in Corvalol

At the same time, the Ministry of Health reported that some drugs actually reduce reaction speed, concentration, cause drowsiness and can negatively affect driving. However, driving vehicles after taking them is not prohibited.

Last summer, a Russian was deprived of his license for driving after taking phenobarbital, which is contained in Corvalol. In addition, the motorist was fined 30 thousand rubles.

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