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In a difficult economic situation in the domestic car market, the affordability of models is becoming one of the key success factors. And in this race, the leader was the domestic “Moskvich 3” – after the announced price reduction, it beat its competitors and received the title of the most budget crossover in the Russian Federation.

According to the No Limits telegram channel, the recommended retail price for the basic version of Moskvich 3 in the Standard configuration is now 1.59 million rubles. This cost is valid for vehicles produced in 2023 until the end of March 2024. The package includes a 1.5-liter turbo engine, manual transmission and front-wheel drive. Thus, the capital’s crossover is ahead of the previous price leader – Livan X3 Pro worth 1.89 million rubles. The price maneuver is designed to increase the availability and competitiveness of the model in the context of the difficult financial situation of the plant – at the end of 2023, its loss reached 160 million rubles.

Reducing the price of Moskvich 3 can be considered as a strategic step by the domestic manufacturer to maintain its position in the competitive market of budget crossovers. Given the current demand for affordable models, price advantage can play a key role in consumer perception of a vehicle and help drive sales. (photo: Moskvich)

And earlier it became known that sales of the updated Kia Sorento crossover had begun in Kazakhstan. Potentially, this car could enter the Russian market as part of “gray” imports.

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