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Scooter manufacturer Pure Electric has teamed up with McLaren to launch a line of two scooters called Pure x McLaren. The line is based on the Advance+ model already in Pure’s arsenal, but comes in three special colourways. The scooter costs £899, or just over one hundred thousand roubles at today’s exchange rate.

The scooters are available in orange Papaya and black Black. The third option, Senna Special Edition, is made in three colors, like the helmet of Ayrton Senna, the Brazilian Formula 1 pilot who died 30 years ago. This scooter is more expensive and is priced at 1,200 pounds sterling (about 136 thousand rubles).

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The scooters are equipped with an electric motor that produces 710 watts at its peak, thanks to which they accelerate quickly and climb uphill perfectly. The built-in battery provides them with about 50 kilometers of travel without recharging. The scooter itself weighs 16 kilograms, and the maximum user weight is limited to 120 kilograms. Dimensions are 54×15×104 centimeters.

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The equipment includes lighting with direction indicators and footrests that allow you to place your legs parallel. The 10-inch tires are puncture-resistant. In addition, the scooter is completely waterproof, the manufacturer claims, which makes it suitable for riding in any weather.

The Pure x McLaren ambassador is McLaren Formula 1 driver Lando Norris. Interestingly, Pure Electric is run by his father Adam Norris, and they both took part in the development of the line.

In May, McLaren unveiled a special Senna Sempre supercar to commemorate Senna’s six victories in the Monte Carlo street race. It is painted in the colours of the Brazilian flag, with bright yellow, green and blue hues applied using a special technique, and the interior is trimmed in yellow Alcantara with green perforations.

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