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The basic “Standard” configuration of the fuel crossover “Moskvich 3” with a manual transmission is now offered for 1,690,000 rubles, while at the end of last year they were asking 2,120,000 rubles for it. That is, the price of the cheapest option has decreased by 430 thousand rubles.

The expensive Comfort package has also become more affordable. Today, its recommended price is 1,900,000 rubles, and in 2023 it was estimated at 2,278,000 rubles. The difference is 378 thousand.

Cars produced in 2023 are even cheaper: the Moskvich 3 in the basic configuration costs 1,590,000 rubles, and in the maximum configuration – 1,766,000.

“Moskvich 8” is officially presented: what is known about the new crossover “Moskvich” raised prices for crossovers amidst the rush demand Crossovers “Moskvich 3” have risen in price again

In early March, the capital’s plant announced big discounts on Moskvichs. They managed to spur demand, but since then sales have been falling: about three thousand cars were sold in March, 2.2 thousand in April, 1.75 thousand in May, and 1.32 thousand in June. Of these, about a thousand were the petrol crossover Moskvich 3. The second most popular is the liftback Moskvich 6, and the electric Moskvich 3e is in third place.

In October, they will be joined by a fourth model – a large crossover “Moskvich 8”, also known as JAC Sehol X8 Plus. The car will be offered with a 1.5-liter engine with a capacity of 174 horsepower in conjunction with a seven-speed “robot”. The drive will be front only.

Russian-Chinese badge engineering

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