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Last year, more than 60 thousand cars from European and Japanese manufacturers imported under the “gray” scheme were connected to the ERA-GLONASS state information system, the press service of JSC GLONASS reported. Volkswagen cars occupied the largest share of imports – 21.9 percent of all connected devices.

In second place in popularity in the parallel import market in 2023 are Toyota with 17.5 percent of connections. Third place was taken by the Japanese Mazda (8.6 percent), fourth by Mercedes-Benz (5.6 percent), and fifth by the Korean Kia (3.8 percent). Nissan accounted for a 2.7 percent share and Audi for 2.4 percent.

As for models, the Volkswagen Jetta turned out to be the most popular: more than six thousand of these cars were imported to Russia in a year. Second place went to Toyota Camry (2.6 thousand), third – Mazda CX-4 (2.2 thousand). Mazda also took fourth place with the Atenza/Mazda6 (about two thousand), and the Mercedes-Benz Actros truck (1.7 thousand vehicles) closes the top five.

European brands whose products were often imported without the knowledge of the manufacturer in 2023 also include MAN, DAF, Peugeot and BMW. “Japanese”, in addition to those listed, are represented by Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Isuzu and Lexus. About a quarter of the “parallel” market (23.3 percent) was occupied by some other brands.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has decided to extend the opportunity to obtain preferential registration for parallel imported cars until 2027. For another four years, they will need to be issued a Single Vehicle Evaluation Report (SOETS) – an alternative to the Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) for cars from brands that have left Russia.

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