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The Personal Pilot system will work in conjunction with the Highway Assistant, and BMW says approval for the simultaneous use of two systems with different levels of autonomy has been granted for the first time in the industry. Both systems allow you to take your hands off the steering wheel. And Personal Pilot, in addition, does not require constantly looking at the road, so the driver can watch movies or work.

BMW was the first company in the world to receive permission to use two different automated control systems in one car. With the Personal Pilot L3 package, which was included in the list of options for the 7 Series sedan, owners now have access to the Highway Assistant electronic assistants and the more advanced Personal Pilot. The set of assistants costs six thousand euros and will only be offered in Germany for now.

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The Highway Assistant system is permitted to be used on highways with a designated median. The function operates at speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour and, thanks to the Active Lane Change Assistant, can automatically change lanes. As in the case of a Mercedes, the driver himself can give the signal to change lanes, and to confirm the maneuver he only needs to look in the side mirror.

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Personal Pilot, in turn, is a Level 3 system. It does not require you to constantly look at the road, although a person must take control if the autopilot asks for it. You can use the function, for example, in slow traffic. It will remain active until the car accelerates to 60 kilometers per hour, and all this time the driver will have complete freedom of action. Formally, this is the same thing that the Mercedes Drive Pilot system offers.

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