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In one of the capital’s car dealerships, which the To Limits telegram channel calls a Haval dealer, a frame SUV H5 was photographed. The launch of this model is planned for the fall, but it is already being transported privately to Russia. Now it costs 3.65 million rubles, but after the official start of sales, “the price will go well beyond four million,” the seller warns.

In China, the H5 model has been presented since last fall: it is built on the same platform as the Great Wall King Kong Poer pickup, and accordingly it has a frame structure. The H5 belongs to the full-size SUV segment and is available in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options. There are two engines to choose from – a two-liter petrol (197 or 224 horsepower) and a diesel engine of the same volume, which develops 166 horsepower. There are also two gearboxes: a six-speed manual and an eight-speed automatic.

The fact that the new H5 will appear in Russia and will be sold in a separate Haval Pro dealer network became known at the end of April.

The Haval SUV based on the King Kong pickup truck has become the new H5 The huge frame Haval H5 turned out to be 40% cheaper than the Haval H9 Haval confirmed the imminent debut of two SUVs in Russia

Unofficial deliveries of the Haval H5 to Russia began last year, but then the SUV was sold at an inflated price. If in China the most expensive H5 at that time cost 157.8 thousand yuan (a little more than two million rubles), in Russia they asked for all 5.3 million, which is a million more expensive than the “older” H9.

According to insider information To Limits, after the official launch of the Haval H5 in Russia in the fall, the model will cost more than four million rubles. It will have to compete with the frame BAIC BJ40, which is produced at the Kaliningrad Avtotor and which costs from 4.4 to 4.5 million rubles.

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