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In a conversation with the RBC TV channel, Vyacheslav Fedorishchev made it clear: he does not yet plan to use AvtoVAZ’s new product. The reasons are prosaic: firstly, the Lada Iskra is not yet in mass production, and secondly, the new governor received a more comfortable and high-status Lada Aura from his predecessor Dmitry Azarov. On it, Vyacheslav Fedorishchev arrived in St. Petersburg.

Vyacheslav Fedorishchev took the position of acting governor of the Samara region on May 31. The young leader told reporters that he managed to travel around the regional capital in a Lada Granta. At the same time, Fedorishchev is in no hurry to transfer other Samara officials to the domestic auto industry: they will not take drastic steps, but will make decisions systematically.

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Lada Aura appeared in the fleet of the Samara region administration four months ago. The previous governor, Dmitry Azarov, regularly used a domestic sedan: the car was filmed with traffic police escort and with red and blue special signals behind the radiator grille. Now this car has gone to the new head of the region.

It is interesting that mass production of the Lada Aura has not yet begun, that is, while on the roads there are pre-production copies made using bypass technologies. They plan to debug the assembly in the fall, and deliveries to private and government customers will begin before the end of 2024.

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