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In the European market, the electric crossover E-5008 will be available with a three-row cabin already in the basic configuration, which its closest competitor, Tesla Model Y, cannot boast of. Europeans will be offered a choice of modification with one electric motor and front-wheel drive or with two electric motors and all-wheel drive. An alternative to the electric car will be the hybrid 5008 with a 1.2-liter internal combustion engine and an electric motor – this version will be available at the start of sales.

The model with index 5008 has been in service since 2009, and initially it was not a crossover, but a mid-size minivan. The model was transformed into a three-row SUV only in 2016, after which it underwent updates in 2020 and 2022, and now it has finally changed generations. The Peugeot E-5008 has retained its seven-seat layout, which distinguishes it favorably from the Tesla Model Y, which is not available to Europeans in this version. It is also larger than the e-3008, with which it shares the STLA Medium platform.

The 5008 has an extended wheelbase: the distance between the axles is 2.9 meters versus 2.74 meters for the “junior” 3008. The trunk volume with the third row seats folded down is only 259 liters, which is less than that of the MINI Cooper, but if the third fold the row, the trunk will increase to 748 liters – more than that of the 3008 (520 liters).

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The interior of the e-5008 is exactly the same as that of the expensive versions of the e-3008. There is an i-Cockpit with a 21-inch slightly curved display that rises above the front panel, the left half of which is reserved for instrument indicators, and the right half for controlling the multimedia system. In the center are customizable i-Toggles quick access buttons, there are 10 of them in total. The steering wheel is truncated at the top and bottom, with touch-sensitive controls located on it. The crossover will also have a GT version, the differences of which boil down to a sportier interior design, 20-inch wheels and the presence of adaptive cruise control.

The most affordable modification of the Peugeot E-5008 is with one 214-horsepower electric motor on the front axle and a battery with a capacity of 73 kilowatt-hours, providing up to 500 kilometers. A more powerful front-wheel drive version with an electric motor with a capacity of 231 horsepower and a 98-kilowatt battery has also been announced – such an electric car can travel up to 660 kilometers on a single charge. The top version is called Electric 320: this E-5008 has all-wheel drive and two electric motors with a total power of 320 horsepower, and a battery capacity of 98 kilowatt-hours. The power reserve is 500 kilometers.

As for the modification with a “mild hybrid” installation, this 5008 is equipped with a 1.2-liter Pure Tech turbocharged engine with 136 horsepower and a “robot” with a built-in electric motor. Later, a plug-in hybrid with a 125-horsepower internal combustion engine and a 150-horsepower electric motor will also enter the market, but this will not happen before 2025.

Prices have not yet been announced, but according to preliminary estimates, in the UK for the Peugeot 5008 they will ask for at least 40 thousand pounds sterling (almost 4.5 million rubles at today’s exchange rate), and the E-5008 will cost about 50 thousand (5.8 million rubles) . For comparison: Tesla Model Y on the British market costs from 45 thousand pounds sterling (5.3 million rubles). The start of sales is scheduled for autumn.

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