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The publication “Autoreview” found out details about the equipment “Atlanta-50” – a prospective family of quarry dump trucks. It turned out that KAMAZ developed the model with a stake on imported components: the prototype has an American Allison automatic transmission and Finnish Sisu axles (20-ton in front, 27-ton in the back). Now the components will have to be found from eastern partners.

“Atlant-50” debuted in the spring, but only as a prototype. Such a dump truck is not suitable for public roads, because the width is more than 3.5 meters, the height is 4.2 meters, and the truck is shod with non-standard 25-inch wheels. But the load capacity of the three-axle KamAZ is 50 tons, and the total weight is as much as 74 tons!

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It turned out that KAMAZ equipped the quarry dump truck with a forced 13-liter “six” (560 horsepower) in conjunction with a 7-speed Allison automatic. The four-axle unmanned vehicle “Atlant-49” has a similar filling: it was also designed with an imported transmission and Finnish bridges in mind. The release dates for serial versions of heavy dump trucks are not disclosed.

It is in KAMAZ’s interests to speed up the quarry dump truck projects, since the recycling fee for imported vehicles of this class has been significantly increased since July 1. The original plan implied that the line of heavy KAMAZ trucks would include dump trucks with a gross weight of up to 220 tons.

And KAMAZ came

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