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In Togliatti, for the first time, a hatchback of the French brand without camouflage was captured from all angles. Judging by open data, the owner and insurer of the car is the AvtoVAZ joint-stock company. There are pictures on the Internet of two dark red Sandero Stepways with internal Lada license plates. Both come in similar rich configurations with roof rails, fog lights and alloy wheels.

AvtoVAZ answered why it will not develop its own automatic transmission

The Russian version of the new Sandero Stepway was supposed to debut in the summer of 2022, and the five-door was planned to be assembled in Togliatti. After Renault left our country, the project was canceled. The world premiere of a similar budget model took place in South America. However, the version for Russia still differs significantly in design from the Brazilian “clone”.

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AvtoVAZ continues to test a few pre-production Renault Sandero Stepway: perhaps the cars are used for business purposes, perhaps, using the hatchback as an example, they are testing chassis components for the co-platform Lada Iskra. There is no official information about the technology of the failed model, but most likely the Sandero Stepway should have retained the combination of the naturally-aspirated H4M engine and the Jatco variator.

AvtoVAZ assessed the prospects for developing a Lada turbo engine

Judging by the spy shots, AvtoVAZ has at least four ready-made prototypes of the Renault Sandero Stepway. The cars are not particularly hidden, but they are in no hurry to provide details about the project. The next new Lada product will be the Iskra – its debut will take place in ten days at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

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