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A resident of Novosibirsk purchased a UAZ Patriot car for 1.48 million rubles in February last year. However, two weeks after the purchase, problems began to appear. As a result, the difficulties had to be resolved through the courts.

The Novosibirsk court made a decision on the payment by the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant of an amount reaching 1.9 million rubles. It includes the full cost of the car, as well as moral damages to the buyer in the amount of seven thousand rubles. Most of the amount is the company’s fine, which amounted to four hundred thousand rubles.

After discovering the problems, the buyer contacted the dealership, but they only fixed some of them. As a result, a city resident decided to file a claim in court and won the case. He was fully reimbursed for the cost of the car, although compensation for moral damage was a small amount. The appeal did not bring any results; the court’s decision remained unchanged. (photo: UAZ)

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