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According to the Russian Association of Automobile Dealers (ROAD), there are currently 60 Chinese brands of cars on the market. Half of them have neither distributor support nor official showrooms, and they sell less than 100 cars per month. “The fate of such players in the near future is one – to close and leave the Russian market, as happened, for example, with Lifan, Haima, Zotye and a number of others,” says ROAD President Alexey Podshchekoldin.

During the press conference, at which ROAD summed up the first half of 2024, a forecast was voiced about the imminent disappearance of a number of Chinese brands from the Russian market. These are the brands that are presented semi-officially and whose sales volumes do not exceed 100 cars. These include HiPhi, Avatr, Nio, Aito and Xpeng – all of these brands, according to ROAD statistics, have sold only a few dozen cars in Russia since the beginning of 2024.

Dealers believe that only brands in the top 15 in terms of sales can withstand competition. “These are those who have already established themselves on the market, plus some brands like Hongqi, which operate in the premium segment, which has its own laws,” Podshchekoldin explained. “Those who sell little in the middle segment will inevitably go bust, this is the law of the market.” As a result, by the end of 2024, a “backbone” of about two dozen Chinese brands will be formed in Russia, “which will make the weather in the foreseeable future.”

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ROAD also stated that in order for Chinese companies to be interested in developing on the Russian market, conditions must be created at the federal government level to make it profitable for them to organize production in the country. For example, this could be the cancellation or return of the recycling fee, as well as certain tax breaks.

ROAD devoted a separate block to the number of dealerships: as of June 1, 2024, there were 2,413 of them in Russia. Chery has the most dealerships (210), Geely is in second place (194), and Changan is in third place with 175 dealerships. Haval, with 147 dealerships, is only in eighth place.

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