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The model, which has been in production in its current form for more than seven years, is preparing for a generation change. According to new information shared by Mazda, the next CX-5 will receive a hybrid unit developed by the Japanese company. However, the automaker does not specify whether it will be a regular hybrid or a rechargeable one. In the same statement, Mazda said the hybrid CX-50 is expected to launch in some markets before the end of 2024.

The Mazda CX-5 was sold in Russia before the Northern Military District, the model was assembled at the Japanese brand’s plant in Vladivostok and it was popular among Russians. After Mazda curtailed its activities in the Russian market and stopped production in the Far East, the enterprise was transferred to Sollers, and now Chinese pickup trucks are produced there under its own Sollers brand.

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In other markets, the current, second-generation CX-5 is still on sale. The debut of the third generation is just around the corner: it is expected that the crossover will retain its layout with a basic front-wheel drive and a transversely mounted four-cylinder engine. As for hybrid systems, there are two options: a mild hybrid setup from Mazda or a full hybrid based on Toyota technology.

In China, the CX-50 with electrified elements of the Toyota RAV4 has been sold since 2022. According to the latest reports, the CX-50, which has been promised to some countries, will be sold in parallel with the CX-5.

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