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For obvious reasons, the model is no longer sold on the Russian market under the familiar name – now it is Solaris KRS, which is assembled at the former Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus plant from the vehicle kits remaining at the enterprise. As Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports, dealers valued the sedan at 2,180,000 rubles – the only available modification with a 1.6-liter engine will cost that much.

The price is indicated without discounts. If a client buys a car on credit, the discount will be 300 thousand rubles, and if he trades in an old car – another minus 200 thousand. Thus, Solaris KRS can be purchased for 1,680,000 rubles.

Solaris KRS, like the KRX cross-hatchback (Kia Rio X), is available with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine producing 123 horsepower coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission. In total, there are three equipment levels for the sedan: Classic, Comfort and Prestige, and five for the hatchback – Comfort, Luxe, Style, Prestige and Premium. The models are covered by a warranty of three years or 100 thousand kilometers.

In addition to the KRS and KRX, two more models are assembled under the Solaris brand at the former Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus plant, which is now owned by AGR – HS and HC, also known as Hyundai Solaris and Creta.

The cost of the sedan has already been declassified: in the Active Plus configuration and with a 1.6 engine with 123 horsepower, it can be bought for 2,064,000 rubles. In the Comfort package, the same modification will cost 2,148,000 rubles. In the Comfort + Light version, the sedan was priced at 2,159,000 rubles, and in the top-end HS Elegance version – at 2,237,000 rubles.

It is noteworthy that all models with prices are still available on the official Kia website (as of spring 2022), but the mentioned Rio and Rio X, which are now on sale, are no longer on the list. In turn, all models were removed from the Hyundai website.

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