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The Avtovzglyad portal claims that the final version of the sports SUV is ready: Niva Sport will go on sale in December this year and will cost 2-2.5 million rubles. Other details are also provided, in particular, about the engine that the SUV will receive from Granta Sport – this is a 1.6-liter gasoline unit that develops 122 horsepower. The sports Niva will be available with 17-inch wheels and some improvements in the interior.

The Lada Niva Sport was first shown as a prototype at the Zhigulevskaya Mile festival in February of this year. It was then revealed that the SUV had lost its cardan shaft on crosspieces, received CV joints, a new transfer case control mechanism, and its interior became more modern. Among the external differences from the standard Niva are plastic arch trims, Bronto-style fenders, a snorkel, an air intake on the hood, and larger-diameter wheels. In addition, the Niva Sport has rear disc brakes and a modified suspension with new shock absorbers and springs.

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According to unofficial data, the assembly of the sports Niva was launched at the end of June. At that time, the factory division of Lada Sport released two SUVs in the serial specification, which were shown to the head of AvtoVAZ Maxim Sokolov at the ceremony of sending the Lada Sport Rosneft Raid racing team to the Silk Way Marathon in 2024.

It is logical that the Lada Niva Sport will cost significantly more than the standard three-door Niva. Avtovzglyad predicts its price from two million to 2.5 million rubles. For comparison: prices for the regular Lada Niva range from 981 thousand to 1,131,000 rubles. If the portal’s information is confirmed, the sports version will be twice as expensive.

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