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The truck, presented the day before at the Innoprom exhibition, will be sold at a price of three million rubles, the Mash Telegram channel writes, citing its sources. The Chinese JAC T8, which was taken as the basis for the new product, costs from 2.85 million rubles without discounts. To justify the difference in price, Sollers promises to improve the body. So far, judging by the photo, it [отличается]( only a radiator grille with a new nameplate and other wheel rims.

Pickups assembled by Sollers will also receive a more durable paint coating, which is better suited to the Russian climate.

In its homeland, the original JAC T8 is much cheaper: its price ranges from 100 thousand to 160 thousand yuan, which, converted into rubles, is equal to 1.2-1.9 million.

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The Sollers ST8 will be manufactured in Vladivostok using Chinese components. Assembly and sales are expected to begin before the end of this year. Insiders predict that the car will have a two-liter JAC diesel engine with import-substituted parts, which Sollers began assembling in Yelabuga a year ago. Its power is 130 horsepower and 288 Nm of torque.

The Chinese T8 is now offered with a 2.0 petrol and diesel engine with 190 and 139 hp (290 and 320 Nm), respectively. Probably, with the appearance of the Sollers ST8, the “donor” JAC will be withdrawn from sale, as happened with the JAC T6, when the Sollers ST6 was brought to the market.

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