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The “Behind the Wheel” expert revealed the pros and cons of the Kia Sportage for 500 thousand rubles

The other day, experts from the magazine “Behind the Wheel” shared a rating of models in the SUV segment, equipped with all-wheel drive, at a price of no more than 500 thousand rubles. The fact is that these are the cars most often chosen by Russians in the winter. Surprisingly, the list included not only Russian models, but also a number of foreign cars. In particular, experts recommend paying attention to the Kia Sportage 2005-2006.

Later, Sergei Zinoviev spoke a little more about the Korean car, focusing on its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the main advantage of the model is the price. The second point is appearance and comfort. In both cases, the Kia Sportage has something to brag about, especially in comparison with the Niva from AvtoVAZ. On the other hand, the latter boasts best-in-class off-road performance (photo: Kia).

As for the shortcomings of the Korean model, there are several. In many ways, they are related to her age. The expert identified two weak points of the car – the front wheel bearings and the front axle couplings. The latter are mechanical and automatic. If the former have a larger resource, then they are less convenient to use. But the latter allow you to connect all-wheel drive on the move, but this significantly reduces their service life.

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