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The Minsk automobile plant MAZ is in a difficult situation: its sales are almost entirely dependent on the Russian market, where demand for Chinese trucks has sharply increased. To increase demand, MAZ urgently needs to offer something new.

One option is to develop a line of passenger cars. Let us note that at a certain period of time MAZ was “probing” this market segment. An independent designer drew what the MAZ-5336 Malanka crossover 2024-2025 might look like. This project is not related to the official plans for the plant, but provides an idea of ​​a possible direction.

The concept is based on the MG One crossover, which is already sold in Russia through InTelGo. That is, the model has been certified and has OTTS. Additionally, the MG One is well equipped at an affordable price. Thus, if MAZ releases a similar car under its own brand, this will allow Russians to offer an attractive crossover in terms of price and quality. This means there is a chance to increase demand and resist competition with Chinese manufacturers. The implementation of such a project could be a way out of a difficult situation for the Minsk enterprise, and for Russians the MAZ-5336 “Malanka” 2024-2025 could become another good crossover at an affordable price.

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