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As the Izvestia newspaper reports, citing the head of the Russian Union of Auto Insurers, Evgeny Ufimtsev, if at the end of last year it took two to three weeks to wait for parts for cars, then in 2024 the period extended to 45 days. The reason for this is delays in payments with Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, which, along with China, have become the main transportation hubs.

There is currently no ban on the supply of components for cars, but spare parts include electronics and chips. In order for them to be imported into Russia, it is necessary to make sure and agree that they are not dual-use goods; this also takes time. As a result, a container with parts travels from China to Russia on average 45 days, that is, a month and a half. And from the UAE you will have to wait from one and a half to three months for spare parts.

In Russia, they have increased the delivery time for auto parts for repairs under OSAGO Services, they want to allow car repairs with non-original spare parts. The Russian market is flooded with fake spare parts for cars.

The time required to repair a car under compulsory motor liability insurance now takes approximately 50 working days from the date the referral was issued, but by law the car should not be in service for more than 30 days. According to a representative of the insurance consulting company AST, because of this, a situation has developed in Russia in which the share of repairs under compulsory motor vehicle insurance is now no more than 3–5 percent. In other cases, insurance companies simply transfer money to the client.

In mid-March, Russia proposed officially allowing cars to be repaired with non-original spare parts. But this innovation threatens to flood the market with counterfeits.

Another problem is that, despite the departure of foreign companies, imported equipment is protected in Russia by intellectual property rights, and parallel imports do not apply to original spare parts. So services receive lawsuits for using non-original parts – the courts equate such repairs to the production of counterfeits.

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